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For a woman, pregnancy is the best and the most memorable phase of her life! This is when she explores a lot of amazing things about motherhood. Although the phase makes them feel the happiest, every would be mother goes through some annoying symptoms that affects their mental health and stability. One such symptom to talk about is frequent urination.
A gynecologist is the one who specializes in the health and hazards of female reproductive system. They work with women to ensure healthy pregnancy and to help overcome certain issues related to their health. Women’s health deteriorates with age. Therefore, it is necessary for every woman to check with a gynecologist on a regular basis to ensure good health. A
A healthy menstrual cycle refers to an evident sign of a woman’s reproductive health. But for newly mothers, the menstrual cycle is paused for a few months after delivery. Immediately after delivery, the post-partum bleeding occurs for a few days and then it stops. There is a considerable gap between postpartum bleeding and the first regular period.

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