A child is often found to be a common sufferer of rectal polyps. Sometimes adults may also have polyp slipping down during defecation and need a manual re-positioning.

Rectal polyps are tissue growths that arise from rectum and protrude into anal canal and sometimes out of it. It may be benign or at sometimes cancerous. They are vascular delicate structures and can easily be detached with gentle manipulation causing excessive bleeding. Sometimes patient do have positive family history and on colonoscopic examination found to have multiple polyps in entire large bowel.


Rectal polyp needs diagnosis, and it is better if they are dealt by Coloproctologist. At Pelvinic patients with rectal polyp are first seen and diagnosed through proctoscopic examination and Dr Banerjee uses Radiofrequency ablative technique. A longer length electrode is passed and encircling coagulation field is made till the mass is separated. This process ensures very negligible bleeding and the patient can resume work the next day. Excised polyp is sent for histopathological examination.


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