Frequently Ask Question

Frequently Ask Question

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How much fibre do I need in my diet?

The recommended amount of fibre per day is between 25-35g. If you’re increasing the fibre in your diet, increase it by 5-6g every two weeks. This is to reduce the side effect of gas, which occurs when you add fibre to your diet. The gas will decrease over time.

Can I use a fibre supplements rather than eat fibre?

There’s no difference whether you eat fibre or take a supplement, so you can use the fibre supplement instead of eating fibre. Some people feel that the supplement makes them have less gas.

Does Activia yoghurt help constipation like they say on the commercial?

Activia can improve mild constipation, yes. Studies have shown an improvement in about two weeks, with two Activia yoghurts a day giving the best results.

Do bananas cause constipation in adults?

Many people believe that green or unripe bananas cause constipation, but there’s no strong evidence to show that this is the case. The resistant starch in green bananas actually acts like soluble fibre, and has been used to treat constipation and help reduce diarrhoea. There have been some reports of people experiencing digestive discomfort after eating them, including bloating, gas and constipation. If you feel they give you constipation, eat less of bananas or cut them out for a while to see if it helps.

Does dairy cause constipation?

In some people, particularly children, large intakes of milk and other dairy products can cause constipation. This may be because of the low-fibre, high-fat profile of dairy.

What is obstructive constipation?

Constipation is a medical condition that can affect your ability to eliminate stool. Some doctors will also call obstipation “obstructive constipation.??? Obstipation is a signal that constipation is chronic and a more severe problem that could lead to serious health side effects if left untreated.


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