What is Fissure

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An anal fissure is a tear or open sore (ulcer) that develops in the lining of the large intestine, near the anus. Anal fissure may occur when passing hard or large stools during a bowel movement. Anal fissures can be very painful and may cause bleeding during bowel movements.

You also may experience spasms in the ring of muscle at the end of our anus (anal sphincter). In case of chronic fissure, surgery may be needed. Anal fissures are very common in young infants but can affect people of any age.  ???????

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Cause Fissure

The Most Advanced State Of Art Daycare Surgery Centre In Delhi/NCR.

Anal fissures usually occur as a result of constipation or frequent diarrhoea. When passing stool that is hard and bulky, the lining of the anal passage may get irritated. This can cause cuts and tears.  Other common causes include: 
•    Persistent diarrhoea
Iinflammatory bowel disease (IBD), such as Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis
•    Pregnancy and childbirth 
•    Occasionally, a sexually transmitted infection (STI), such as syphilis or herpes, which can infect and damage the anal canal

•    Anal intercourse
•    Tight anal sphincter muscles, which can increase the tension in your anal canal, making it more susceptible to tearing
•    Reduced blood flow to the rectal area.
•    Anal cancer

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Symptoms Fissure

The Most Advanced State Of Art Daycare Surgery Centre In Delhi/NCR.

Risk Fissure

The Most Advanced State Of Art Daycare Surgery Centre In Delhi/NCR.

  • Chronic anal fissure

    The tear fails to heal. Over time, this can cause extensive scar tissue at the site of the fissure.

  • Anal fistulas

    Abnormal ‘tunnels’ join the anal canal to surrounding organs, usually other parts of the bowel.

  • Anal stenosis

    The anal canal becomes abnormally narrowed either due to spasm of the anal sphincter or contraction of the resultant scar tissue.

  • Extreme pain during bowel movements

    That makes the person want not to pass stool.

  • Reduced quality of life

    Clotting, Uncontrolled bowel movements and gas

Advantage of Fissure Treatment

Advantage of Fissure Treatment over the Traditional Surgical Procedure.

Specifics Fissure Surgery Open Surgery
Cuts And Wounds   No   Yes
Pain   Painless   Painful
Recurrence   No   Yes
Diet Restrictions   No   Yes
Rest After Surgery   Can Resume Work   1-2 Month Rest
Invasive   Minimum   Large

Treatment Fissure

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A comprehensive rectal examination will be performed by an expert proctologist in our fissure laser hospital. Our state-of-the-art digital equipment will help us to diagnose a case by minimally-invasive processes in the following ways:-
•    Physical exam. This is of the anal area along with a rectal exam is usually used to confirm a diagnosis of fissures.

•    Digital rectum examination (DRE). Your healthcare provider inserts a gloved, greased (lubricated) finger into your rectum to check for any problems.
•    Anoscopy. This may include inserting an anoscope into the rectum to allow the doctor to inspect the anal canal as long as the patient is not in too much pain.
•    Proctoscopy. A lighted tube is put into your anus. This gives a view of your entire rectum. 
•    If the doctor believes that the fissure is caused by an underlying condition, he may also ask for a colonoscopy and a flexible sigmoidoscopy. 

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Medication and simple lifestyle remedies are usually all that is needed to treat fissures. Medication is usually prescribed to relieve the pain and itchiness associated with the fissure and to improve blood flow to the rectal area.

A high-fibre diet and drinking plenty of fluids are advised to relieve constipation and soften stool. In some cases, stool softeners and laxatives may be temporarily prescribed.

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•    Surgery is advised when medicinal treatment is not working for a particular profile. In fact, the surgical procedure chosen by a proctologist will also depend on the contemporary condition of a patient. Fissure treatment has been revolutionised over the years by arrival of new age ambulatory surgery or Day Care surgery is a clinical admission for a surgical procedure, with discharge of the patient on the same working day. We have a trained anesthesiologist, OT assistant, and nursing assistant to perform to do the advanced procedures like LASER. 
•    Laser surgery of acute anal fissure is a simple, non-invasive and painless surgical procedure with a low rate of complications. It can be viewed as an effective treatment for patients with anal fissure.

•    Laser fissurectomy Surgical treatment is the most effective procedure for chronic anal fissure. Treatment of chronic anal fissure must be individualized, depending on the clinical profile of patients. Doctors usually perform a procedure called lateral internal sphincterotomy (LIS), which involves cutting a small portion of the anal sphincter muscle to reduce spasm and pain, and promote healing. Most people notice that the pain from an anal fissure goes away within a few days after the surgery. 
•    Our patients and our surgeon will decide on the best anesthesia to use during the surgery. Choices include:
•    general anesthesia, which puts patients into a deep sleep throughout the surgery
•    Saddle block is a low dose of spinal anesthesia which involves medication that numbs your body from the waist down being delivered by a shot into your back
•    local anesthesia, which numbs only your anus and rectum

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•    Patient can expect rectal and anal pain after having fissure surgery. So doctor will prescribe a painkiller to ease the discomfort.
•    Patient can help  in his/her own recovery by:
•    Taking a sitz bath at least 3-4 times a day and after each bowel movement. A sitz bath is sitting in a bathtub of warm water for 10-20 minutes. This will help decrease the pain of muscle spasms and help you heal.

•    Anal fissures can return, but you can prevent this by eating lots of high-fibre foods, such as muesli, brown rice or pasta, prunes and other fruits and vegetables. Try to have five portions of fruit and vegetables each day and drink about two litres of fluid a day.
•    Most fissures can heal by following good elimination habits.
•    Take plenty of water and fiber.
•    Avoid foods such as popcorn, nuts or tortilla chips.
•    Avoid constipating foods.

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Before & After

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World's most advaned Fissure surgery for Fissure

Pelvic Care specializes in providing the best treatment for Fissure. With our own team of doctors, we deliver personalized care according to your medical needs. Our easy admission to discharge process and State of art infrastructure ensures a hassle free experience.

Why Pelvinic Care for Fissure?

Our team of experts is dedicated to offering excellent care to enhance your quality of life through a holistic healing approach and physical therapy. As a specialised one-stop daycare surgical solution, we take pride in dealing with various types of Proctological ailments with utmost attention and care.

Patient Care

Pelvinic is a specialized, team-based approach to support and care for individuals. We strive to provide a home-like environment and the best treatments for our patients for quick recovery. We offer customized services and personal attention to our patients who come for medical treatment and care. Our patient coordinator will receive reports on your condition and all the necessary information to continue your care following your discharge. Our belief is empowering and motivating you to lead a healthy life. Make the right decision today to become a healthier you tomorrow!


Our team of doctors, surgeons, and other healthcare professionals have been educated, trained and are widely experienced in their particular specialty.With India’s growing population, our doctors have a wider exposure to treating ailments and diseases and therefore are more skilled in providing the right treatments. Our doctors have a vast experience of over 50000 surgeries and are trained in the use of latest diode Laser technology.

Advance Technology

PELVINIC  incorporates the latest technology and medical equipment in patient care that helps the doctors diagnose diseases and treat patients effectively and efficiently.We focus on developing treatment plans as per each patient’s strengths, weaknesses, variety of motions and potential functioning. Our team is equipped with the latest painless techniques that lead to 100% customer satisfaction.


Pelvinic hospital offers the complete range of medical and surgical specialties to treat anal diseases under one roof, with highly experienced doctors, paramedical staff and state-of-the-art infrastructure.Our surgical daycare centre is ranked among the best of the best in Delhi (NCR). As we are the first-ever surgical daycare centre for pelvic disorders, we provide early mobilization, a home-like environment for quick recovery and preoperative investigations for our patients.

What We Do?

From giving OPD appointment to diagnose and prescribe surgery, Preoperative test to day-surgery to recovery stay and postoperative and diet instructions, we ensure to give our best of all to our patients without compromising at any stage of the treatment that too at a very cost-effective rate.

  • We have a dedicated staff to ensure your daycare stay is comfortable and hassle-free. our staff will provide you with all the necessary assistance required such as appointment, priority admission, billing and discharge assistance like detailed summary of the hospitalisation including health problems, examination findings, treatment given and procedures performed.
  • The contact details of the treating doctor and staff will be shared so that you and your medical practitioner can keep in touch with him/her post procedure.

Our Doctor

Dr. Sandip Banerjee

Consultant Laparoscopic Coloproctologist


With almost 15 years of experience and 5000+ surgeries, Dr. Sandip Banerjee is one of the finest award winning Laparoscopic Colorectal surgeons in Delhi/Ncr for ailments like piles, fistula, anal fissure and anal abscess, pilonidal sinus, anal & rectum cancer. He has particular specialist experience in complex abdominal wall hernias and a general surgical practice including laparoscopic hernia and gallstone surgery, anti-reflux surgery. He is considered to be the best surgeon in South Delhi because of the patients whom he has given a chance to a comfortable life without any pain or worry. He qualified from prestigious BJ Medical College, Pune. He obtained his post-graduation in General Surgery from National Board of examinations (DNB General Surgery). His main clinical interest is Colon and Bowel related diseases and the modern management of haemorrhoids and fistula. He got trained in Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery from world class doctors Dr. Joel Leroy (France) and Dr. A Melany (Brazil) and AIIMS Delhi. With an interest in Gastro Intestinal cancer surgery, Dr Sandip completed two years fellowship in GI oncology under the leadership of Dr Adarsh Chaudhary from premier MEDANTA hospital Gurgaon. He also completed fellowship in Bariatric Surgery after this. He is currently working as a Head Laparoscopic and Colorectal Surgeon in Apollo Spectra, Kailash Colony New Delhi, and also associated with Rainbow Hospital, Fortis Hospital, National Heart Institute, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Sarita Vihar and several other prime South Delhi Hospitals as a senior visiting consultant. His previous assignments were with MAX Smart Saket, Fortis Gurgaon, and Medanta Gurgaon. He has been awarded as INDIA’S BEST DOCTORS AWARD for the best laparoscopic surgeon in Delhi and Achievers Award by All India Achievers Association    


The Most Advanced State Of Art Daycare Surgery Centre In Delhi/NCR.

Patient Testimonial

The Most Advanced State Of Art Daycare Surgery Centre In Delhi/NCR.

Mrs. Meenakshi


Aged 43 years and mother of 3 children came to see Dr Banerjee with a stick As her excess weight (95 kg) was creating joint problems and instability. She was counselled and given 3 days liquid diet therapy. Following which Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy ( one form of weight loss surgery) was performed on her by Dr Banerjee. She lost 31 kgs after that within a span of 9 months and now can perform all activities without any support.

Mr. Anand


Mr& Anand& was suffering from severe chronic anemia ( Hb 3.5 gm) and massive lower GI bleed. He was optimised with blood transfusions, initial conservative management followed by successful management by doing Colorectal surgery. He is been seen smiling after regaining health life. Pelvinic wishes him a very happy and active life ahead.

Mr Imtiaz Ansari

New Delhi

A smiling Mr Imtiaz Ansari ( Director, Acme organics pvt. ltd) with Dr Sandip Banerjee feeling happy to be a part of our Pelvinic family after his anal surgery.

Ms. Sukhmani


Another happy patient with satisfaction towards the kind of care she received for her health issues. Ms& Sukhmani& was operated for gall bladder removal surgery laparoscopically by Dr Sandip Banerjee& and is relieved from dyspepsia and upper abdominal pain she used to get earlier.& Having& subjected to both emotional support and wonderful healthcare experience, she strongly recommends PELVINIC& to& her friends.

Frequently Ask Question

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What disease is associated with abnormalities in the frontal brain?

Cerebrovascular disease may cause a stroke in the frontal lobe. Tumours such as meningiom as may present with a frontal lobe syndrome. Frontal lobe impairment is also a feature of Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia and Pick’s disease

How does frontal lobe damage affect personality?

Following a frontal lobe injury, an individual’s abilities to make good choices and recognize consequences are often impaired. ... Damage to the frontal lobe can cause increased irritability, which may include a change in mood and an inability to regulate behavior.

What are the symptoms of frontal lobe damage?

Some of the common effects of damage to the frontal lobe include, but are not limited to: * Sudden changes in behavior, including aggression; * Impaired moral judgment; * Memory loss; * Reduced motor skills and spatial reasoning; * Declining intelligence; * Inability to understand/interpret social cues; * Dementia;

What does the right frontal lobe control?

The frontal lobes are involved in motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgement, impulse control, and social and sexual behavior. ... The left frontal lobe is involved in controlling language related movement, whereas the right frontal lobe plays a role in non-verbal abilities.
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