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Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic Platform for Treatment of gallbladder, Hernia, Hysterectomy, GERD

Laparoscopy – Small incision, faster recovery

Every surgical procedure represents stress for the patient. For this reason, laparoscopy uses a minimally invasive surgical approach – because less invasive procedures usually mean shorter recovery times. The patient is able to return to normal life more quickly. At the same time, there are no compromises on quality: The expected success of the procedure is even greater than that of open surgery. Today, laparoscopy has become the gold standard in surgical care. It uses to both diagnose the disease conditions as well as in the treatment of those conditions like hernias, appendicitis, fibroids, or abnormal growths in the uterus, cysts or tumours, cancer, gall bladder, endometriosis, a disorder in which the tissue that forms the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus, pelvic disease etc. laparoscopic surgeries leads to better patient outcomes, as well as significantly reduced recovery times less pain and less hospital stay. It allows doctor to see inside patient’s body in real time, without open surgery.

Application & Advantages

There are many advantages of laparoscopic surgery compared with open surgery, which is performed through large incisions. Patients have much less discomfort and require less pain medicine, Less blood loss, Minimized scarring, Less time spent in surgery, Reduced postoperative pain and recovery time Minimized damage to surrounding tissues, Lower risk of infection and other complications. They are able to get up and walk around sooner and get back to their regular activities earlier. Doctors first used it for gallbladder surgery and gynaecology operations. Then it came in play for the intestines, liver, and other organs.

With long incisions, patients are usually restricted in their activities for example when they go home to prevent developing a hernia at the incision site. Hernias rarely occur at laparoscopic incision sites, so patients can exercise and lift a lot earlier. They are also less likely to develop wound infections because the incisions are so small. Because patients are able to get out of bed sooner they are less likely to develop blot clots or pneumonia than with open surgery. After the incisions have healed the scars are almost invisible. Many procedures are now done on a daycare setup for example, gallbladder removal, appendix and hernia repair or a biopsy taken. Surgeons are also now able to use minimally invasive technology for removal of the colon, uterus, and ovaries. Severe reflux and obesity are also treated laparoscopically.

Treatment and Technology

Laparoscopic or “minimally invasive” surgery is where the surgeon makes a very small incision, often in the patient’s belly, and uses this incision to insert a camera, called a laparoscope, into the abdominal cavity. The surgeon then looks at a television screen to perform the operation. Carbon dioxide, a nontoxic and odourless gas, is then used to create an air pocket within the abdomen for the surgeon to operate. Depending on the operation, one or more additional incisions, less than a half-inch in size, are made to insert surgical instruments into the abdomen to perform the procedure. Once the operation is finished, the carbon dioxide is expelled from the abdomen and the incisions are closed using stitches that dissolve so that patients don’t have to go through the discomfort of having stitches or staples removed.

Complete Accessories kit

Laparoscopy provides surgeons with a complete solution for procedure support. From Laparoscopy Equipment, Gynaecology Equipment, Digital Colposcopy, Electrosurgical Unit, Vessel Sealer, Laparoscopy Instrument, Electro Surgical Generator, CO2 Insufflator, Fatal Monitor to Laparoscopic Bipolar Equipment, Laparoscopic Camera for Surgery everything. These equipment are high performing, corrosion resistant, long service life, low maintenance and convenient to handle. Best option to treat a wide range of clinical applications to maximize results.

Product Portfolio

Cannulas and Trocars

Trocar Incision Closure Devices

Electrodes and Electrosurgical Cables

Laparoscopic Bipolar Scissors and Graspers

Forceps and Graspers

Hooks and Probes

Knot Pushers

Needles and Needle Holders

Rigid Scopes



LED HD Flat Panel Monitor

CO2 Insufflator

LED Endoscopy Light Source

High Definition Patient Data Recorder

Camera HD

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