Patient Testimonial

The patients at the PELVINIC share their stories who were treated by our surgeons. 

Mr Abdullah Mr Abdullah Afghanistan

For us, our "Reward" is the Trust that our patients repose on us and their sweet ' Thanks moment '. PELVINIC is grateful to Mr Abdullah, a resident of Turkmenistan for allowing us to share this moment of pride

Ms. Alina Ms. Alina Ghazibad

A young patient was suffering form 4th grade haemorrhoids as she was neglecting her problem for quite long. She came to our clinic in severe pain and after undergoing preliminary tests, she underwent Stapler surgery for hemorrhoids. She is presently fit and fine and do advises for early detection and treatment to all patients with Piles problem.

30 years old was having Gall Bladder Stone with gastroesophagial reflux and severe acidity problems. Dr. Sandip operated her for Laparoscopic gall bladder removal surgery and medical management of GERD.

Mr. Anand Prakash Mr. Anand Prakash New Delhi

38 years old, Charted Accountant and a foodie was diagnosed to have Wide Hiatus Hernia defect ( more than 3 cm) and severe acid reflux problems. He was scared of eating out in restaurants and parties due to his gastritis and reflux. After taking antireflux medications for 3 months, Dr Banerjee operated on him Laparoscopic antireflux surgery ( Toupet’s fundoplication) and 2 weeks following he has again started relishing foods of different taste.

Himself is a Pediatrician, was having suffering form Inguinal Hernia and chronic deep perianal ( high intersphincteric, uncommon)abscess . His problems were identified, diagnosed and operated by Dr. Banerjee ( Laparoscopic TEP hernioplasty and abscess drainage). He has high regards for PELVINIC

A designer by heart and professor in Pearls Academy. Pained by suffering from Anoproctological problems for long, sharing his smile with us for the kind of relief he got after being treated by Dr. Sandip Banerjee.

A retired naval officer was diagnosed to have High Transphincteric Fistula in Ano with multiple tracts (Complex Fistula). After taking multiple opinions, he consulted Dr. Banerjee and got convinced for LIFT Surgery followed by Radiofrequency ablation guided fistulotomy in two stages, meant for complex fistula. Now he is a happy man as he cured from his problem.

Mr K. L. Shah Mr K. L. Shah New Delhi

59yrs old came form Bihar with the problem of complicated gall stone disease with Diabetes where chances of doing laparoscopic surgery was not possible-according to being told to him in his place. Dr Banerjee operated on him Laparoscopic gall bladder removal and his gangrenous semiperforated gall bladder with an additional day of hospital stay for recovery.

Mrs. Sunita Mrs. Sunita Noida

45 years was diagnosed to have 30 x 20 cm complex bilateral adnexal cyst and was advised by other clinicians to opt out of surgery in view of life threatening risk associated with surgery. Her family took the courage and consulted Dr Sandip and Meenakshi Banerjee. After a 4 hours long surgery and 5 days hospital stay, it was managed to got that complex cyst removed. Following is a follow up picture of smiling Sunita.

From Hongkong operated by Dr Banerjee for Rectal Prolapse surgery Laparoscopically. He came to our centre for follow up with a broad smile.

Mrs. Sabirow Kemran Mrs. Sabirow Kemran Turkmenistan

A resident of Turkmenistan appeared fit at the time of discharge after undergoing Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery (Bariatric Surgery). Before surgery she was of 110 kg, lost 45kg weight within an year without any associated morbidities.

Mr. Abdul Fatah Mr. Abdul Fatah Afghani National

A young Afghani National patient was diagnosed to have huge Right liver cystic swelling and had recurrent bouts of pain, fever and vomiting. Dr. Banerjee after examining him thoroughly operated on him Laparoscopic Cysto-Pericystectomy and removed entire cyst. Today he is a happy man.


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