Patient Testimonial

The patients at the PELVINIC share their stories who were treated by our surgeons. 

Dr Renuka Dr Renuka New Delhi

Dr Renuka, a Dentist by profession was having problems in having baby owing to large uterine fibroid. She consulted Dr Meenakshi and taking her treatment helped her become a proud mother of a sweet little kid. She not only got the benefits of normal delivery but also chose to become a member of proud Pelvinic family.

Smiles of patients are saying all. Patient from Afghanistan specially arrived at PELVINIC to convey her appreciation to our Gynaecologist Dr Meenakshi Banerjee for her satisfactory surgical treatment for Uterine Fibroid.

Suffering from chronic Pelvic pain, Ms xxx from Afghanistan was even advised to undergo multiple surgeries even spine surgery. She decided to consult Dr Meenakshi Banerjee (gynecologist) and was rightly diagnosed to have PID. With right diagnosis and right medications her problems met with complete cure.

Mrs. Rajnitam, 35 years of age was diagnosed to have abdominal wall tumor 3 years after she underwent Cesearian section. MRI findings and pain related to that tumor was very disturbing for her. She was operated for removal of abdominal wall tumor with minimal invasive technique. The tumor turned out to be non cancerous and she recovered fast from the surgery.


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