Patient Testimonial

The patients at the PELVINIC share their stories who were treated by our surgeons. 

Mrs Saranya Veeramuthu, 20 years, married with previous bad obstretics history is a happy patient of Dr Meenakshi Banerjee, a specialised Obstretician dealing with High risk Obstretics and Infertility cases.

Mrs Bharadwajt Mrs Bharadwajt Lucknow

Mrs Bharadwaj, a Sarpanch by profession and a face of modern women power, smiling after being successfully treated by Dr Meenakshi Banerjee for her uterine premalignant condition. She underwent Laparoscopic surgery and resumed her busy schedule within week of surgery.

Dr Renuka Dr Renuka New Delhi

Dr Renuka, a Dentist by profession was having problems in having baby owing to large uterine fibroid. She consulted Dr Meenakshi and taking her treatment helped her become a proud mother of a sweet little kid. She not only got the benefits of normal delivery but also chose to become a member of proud Pelvinic family.


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