Patient Testimonial

The patients at the PELVINIC share their stories who were treated by our surgeons. 

Mrs. Meenakshi Mrs. Meenakshi Ghazibad

Aged 43 years and mother of 3 children came to see Dr Banerjee with a stick As her excess weight (95 kg) was creating joint problems and instability. She was counselled and given 3 days liquid diet therapy. Following which Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy ( one form of weight loss surgery) was performed on her by Dr Banerjee. She lost 31 kgs after that within a span of 9 months and now can perform all activities without any support.

Mr. Anand Mr. Anand Lucknow

Mr& Anand& was suffering from severe chronic anemia ( Hb 3.5 gm) and massive lower GI bleed. He was optimised with blood transfusions, initial conservative management followed by successful management by doing Colorectal surgery. He is been seen smiling after regaining health life. Pelvinic wishes him a very happy and active life ahead.

Mr Imtiaz Ansari Mr Imtiaz Ansari New Delhi

A smiling Mr Imtiaz Ansari ( Director, Acme organics pvt. ltd) with Dr Sandip Banerjee feeling happy to be a part of our Pelvinic family after his anal surgery.

Ms. Sukhmani Ms. Sukhmani Noida

Another happy patient with satisfaction towards the kind of care she received for her health issues. Ms& Sukhmani& was operated for gall bladder removal surgery laparoscopically by Dr Sandip Banerjee& and is relieved from dyspepsia and upper abdominal pain she used to get earlier.& Having& subjected to both emotional support and wonderful healthcare experience, she strongly recommends PELVINIC& to& her friends.


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