Patient Testimonial

The patients at the PELVINIC share their stories who were treated by our surgeons. 

University student suffering from anorectal problems and was fed up after several surgeries in past. After consulting through online, he finally got operated by Dr. Sandip Banerjee with no reports of further problems.

Mr Karim Mr Karim Lucknow

Suffering from Third degree Hemorrhoids (Piles). Mr Karim (centre) from Iraq got operated by Dr Banerjee by Radio Frequency Ablation, a latest technique in Anoproctological surgeries with no postoperative pain, scarring, wound problem.

Mrs. Jamila Mrs. Jamila Afghanistan

Mrs. Jamila from Afghanistan posing after getting operated for Rectal Prolapse Surgery Laparoscopically.

Patient from Afghanistan suffering from fulminant Ulcerative Colitis recovering after three stage surgery has bestowed our surgeon with this unique gift of love and appreciation for the kind of service rendered by us.


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