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Minimally Invasive Treatment of Grade III & Grade IV Hemorrhoid/Piles

Stapler – Painless, faster recovery

Every surgical procedure represents stress for the patient. For this reason, stapler uses a minimally invasive surgical approach – because less invasive procedures usually mean shorter recovery times. The patient is able to return to normal life more quickly. At the same time, there are no compromises: The expected success of the procedure is greater than that of open surgery. Stapled hemorrhoidopexy, is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of abnormally enlarged hemorrhoidal tissue, followed by the repositioning of the remaining hemorrhoidal tissue back to its normal anatomic position. Severe cases of hemorrhoidal prolapse will normally require surgery. Newer surgical procedures include stapled transanal rectal resection (STARR) and procedure for prolapse and hemorrhoids (PPH). Minimally invasive stapler technology provides a simple, safe and highly effective solution for the treatment of anorectal disorders. This new approach is offering, short, minimally invasive procedure with virtually no patient downtime. It eliminates the symptoms of the pathology, while minimizing recurrences, postoperative pain, complications and adverse events such as, damage to the anal sphincter and even stenosis.

Application & Advantages

Stapled hemorrhoidectomy is surgical technique for treating hemorrhoids, and is the treatment of choice for third-degree hemorrhoids (that can be pushed back into the anus with a finger after a bowel movement) and forth degree haemorrhoids (that are always outside the anus cannot be pushed back). Stapled hemorrhoidectomy is designed primarily to treat internal hemorrhoids, but if external hemorrhoids are present, they may be reduced as well with the same technique.

It is a latest technique to treat the haemorrhoids. Stapled hemorrhoidectomy is faster than traditional hemorrhoidectomy, taking approximately 30 minutes. It is associated with much less pain than traditional hemorrhoidectomy. Patient can be discharged on the same day and can return to normal activity on the same day. The time required for would healing is about 15 to 30 days in open technique which is completely avoided with the stapler hemorrhoid surgery. Complications like bleeding and incontinence is avoided with stapler technique. Reduced surgery time also.

Treatment and Technology

Stapled hemorrhoidectomy, a circular, hollow tube is inserted into the anal canal. Through this tube, a suture (a long thread) is placed, actually woven, circumferentially within the anal canal above the internal hemorrhoids. The ends of the suture are brought out of the anus through the hollow tube. The stapler (a disposable instrument with a circular stapling device at the end) is placed through the first hollow tube and the ends of the suture are pulled. Pulling the suture pulls the expanded hemorrhoidal supporting tissue into the jaws of the stapler. The hemorrhoidal cushions are pulled back up into their normal position within the anal canal. The stapler then is fired. When it fires, the stapler cuts off the circumferential ring of expanded hemorrhoidal tissue trapped within the stapler and at the same time staples together the upper and lower edges of the cut tissue. During stapled hemorrhoidectomy, the arterial blood vessels that travel within the expanded hemorrhoidal tissue and feed the hemorrhoidal vessels are cut, thereby reducing the blood flow to the hemorrhoidal vessels and reducing the size of the hemorrhoids. During the healing of the cut tissues around the staples, scar tissues forms, and this scar tissue anchors the hemorrhoidal cushions in their normal position higher in the anal canal. The staples are needed only until the tissue heals. After several weeks, they then fall off and pass in the stool unnoticed.

Complete Accessories kit

Stapler provides surgeons with a complete solution for procedure support. From dedicated hemorrhoidal circular stapler, suture threader, circular anal dialator to purse-string suture anoscope. Variety of customized treatment hand piece tools. Best option to treat a wide range of clinical applications to maximize results.

  • Hemorrhoidal circular stapler
  • Suture threader
  • Circular anal dialator
  • Purse-string suture anoscope

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Hemorrhoidal Circular Stapler

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