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Hemorrhoid Staple Surgery – a Safe Procedure

01 Jun, 2023

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Some health conditions tend to cause a lot of panic amongst patients. However, if attended to on time and with the correct procedure, these issues can be solved with very few invasive and safe treatment procedures. Hemorrhoids and their treatment are one such condition. It is a popular belief that laser treatments are safe & non-invasive procedures in modern age treatment, however for ensuring a timely medical intervention for this condition for patients with enlarged and higher-grade hemorrhoids, an advanced procedure such as Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy is the best choice.

Hemorrhoids are the most prevalent anorectal medical condition which is caused due to enlarged veins as a result of enhanced venous pressure resulting in anal pain, bleeding, or discharge from the anus. It affects roughly around 4 to 36% of the population. Hemorrhoids are present in everyone and are not an abnormal condition. It can only be considered a disease needing treatment when there is an enlargement of the hemorrhoidal cushions. When the enlargement happens, it is a sign of the onset of the problem & it gradually reaches towards the advanced stages of 3rd and 4th grade of piles. Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy, is a procedure recommended by proctologists for third and fourth-degree haemorrhoids to treat prolapsed haemorrhoids. Third-degree hemorrhoids (that can be pushed back into the anus with a finger after a bowel movement) and forth degree haemorrhoids (that are always outside the anus cannot be pushed back). Stapled hemorrhoidectomy is designed primarily to treat internal hemorrhoids, but if external hemorrhoids are present, they may be reduced as well with the same technique. It is a latest technique to treat the haemorrhoids, takes approximately 30 minutes. The best part of the process is that it does not include any external incision. It rather encompasses usage of a stapler to remove the hemorrhoids while using sutures to elevate the hemorrhoidal tissue to a ring of tissues thereby, ceasing off the flow of blood to the tissue, resulting in shrinkage of the tissue as a solution. Efficient treatment procedures are available in the piles hospital in Delhi which has the best proctologist of India.

There are a number of benefits that the patients experience when they opt for Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy compared to the conventional method of Open Surgery. They experience reduced itching around the anus and inside the rectum or lesser bleeding and swelling or lesser post-operative complications like prolonged healing of a wound, pain, constipation, haemorrhage if performed by the best piles doctor, is safer as it gets done quickly thereby leading to a shorter recovery time with quicker discharge from the hospital. The chance of incontinence after the procedure also reduces drastically.

An advanced proctology specialist in the capital city of Delhi offering best in class piles treatment in town can help you manage some of the side effects like a feeling of pressure or fullness in the rectum with the urge of wanting to defecate often. This subsides within a couple of days post the procedure. At times one might feel some pain and loss of bowel control, however, with properguidance from a proficient proctologist, these can be managed effectively.

Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy is a highly successful procedure with a success rate of greater than 90% and a recovery time of a few days. Therefore, if a senior proctologist has recommended this procedure for you, do get it done immediately for quicker relief without much deliberation.

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