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The Best Gallbladder Stone Specialist in Delhi NCR

25 Jan, 2022

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Do you feel gripping pain in the upper right side of your abdomen? Has this pain caused you to feel nauseous or pukish? A gallbladder attack usually lasts for 20 minutes to up to an hour. You might feel the pain in the abdomen or between your back shoulder blades. Have you wondered how the gallbladder in the human body looks, what is its significance and where is it situated? It is a pear-shaped internal organ that is situated below your liver, and its primary function is to store bile, a digestive fluid that helps break down fats.

The most common problem that causes these gallbladder attacks are gallstones. These gallstones are crystalized lumps of bile and cholesterol. 
Gallbladder issues can sometimes be complex and always require medical attention. 
You should visit Pelvinic if:
•    The pain lasts for more than 2-3 hours.
•    If your stools are very pale in color.
•    If you constantly sweat and have a low-temperature fever.
At Pelvinic eminent colorectal surgeon, Dr. Sandip Banerjee provides patients with the highest quality and affordable treatments to cure diseases around the pelvic region. 

Dr. Sandip Banerjee has performed countless successful surgeries every year to treat gallbladder stones. This and his other fantastic achievements have awarded him with the credentials of being the best gallbladder stone specialist in Delhi/NCR. Similarly, he has also received the credential of top-notch coloproctologist in northern India. 
Dr. Banerjee curates the entire team at Pelvinic. It comprises very eminent surgeons that share the values and beliefs of kindness, service and healing.
Pelvinic specializes in laparoscopic treatments for treating gallstone removal. The laparoscopy treatment has clear advantages over traditional open surgical procedures.

These advantages are listed below:

1.    Minimal pain:

The laparoscopic treatment is painless when directly compared to the traditional open surgery that is extremely painful to patients.

2.    Minimal tissue damage:

The incisions are tiny in size, reducing the damage to tissues.

3.    No restricted diet:

There are very minute cuts since the incision and tissue damage are low. Therefore the patient's diet is not restricted.

4.    The recovery is fast:

Minute cuts, low tissue damage, unrestricted diet means the recovery of patients is speedy. They can resume work immediately and get to routine within 2-4 days.

5.    Minimally invasive:

The laparoscopy surgery requires less time, minor incision, and thus it is minimally invasive to the patients. 
The aftercare for gallbladder stone removal at Pelvinic is very straightforward. Dr Sandip Banerjee is the best gallbladder stone specialist in Delhi, NRC. His team at Pelvinic ensures his patients return to their regular activity in 5-7 days. The laparoscopy involves minimal pain, and usually, a follow-up appointment is scheduled within two weeks of the gallbladder surgery. The patients can consume any foods; however, the doctors at Pelvinic advise them to avoid fatty and solid foods for the first few days to ensure they don't experience nausea or diarrhea post-surgery. 
Pelvinic is your one-stop clinic where you receive treatments and diagnoses for all pelvic region diseases. Doctors at Pelvinic are the best gallbladder stone specialists in Delhi. We provide patients with the latest state-of-the-art technology treatments at inexpensive costs.
Are you suffering from a gallbladder stone, cannot bear the pain anymore, and need a licensed gallbladder surgery done? Contact Pelvinic today at +919717926203; our gallbladder specialists will relieve you of all your pain.

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